What is the sunflower yield?

This question is answered by a sunflower expert, author of Sunflower Book
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Dr. Oleksii Orlov

In this article we will answer to the question: What is the yield of sunflower?

In this photo was made in time of our survey of oil sunflower fields in Ukraine. Ukraine now it is country that leads by sunflower growing efficiency and sunflower yield per acre in World! Sunflower give excellent yield only in case of good care from seeds to harvest!
Photo © Dr. Oleksii Orlov 

In this calculation, it is assumed that 1 ton of sunflower seeds is 73.487 bushels.

What is sunflower seeds bushels means?

1 US bushel it is seeds that can be filled in volume = 35.239072 litres.

Good sunflower varieties have oil content in seeds about 50-55%.

Different types of sunflower varieties have different mass of seeds per unit of volume. The heavier oil seed varieties of sunflower, and the lightest are those used for hulling, such as Turkish white sunflower varieties. Confectionery sunflower seeds have an average weight.

Next we will show the oil seed sunflower yield estimation. 

In this photo - technical audit survey sunflower plantation. Data that obtained in time of such works give possibility create good expert Recommendations for profitable sunflower seeds production! Photo © Dr. Oleksii Orlov 

To get a good and profitable yield of sunflower, you need to regularly survey the fields and correctly apply pesticides and agrochemistry and fertilizers. And not only it... 

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What is sunflower yield per acre / hectare?

Typical oil-seed sunflower yield is 68,40-74,35 bushels per acre (or 2,3-2,5 t/ha) - sunflower oil yield 1026 - 1227 pounds/acre (or 1,15-1,37 t/ha).

In general cases the oil yield will be less ass will losses for oil extraction.

Depending on the year - if sunflower grow in dry conditions without irrigation (in the South regions), if it rains only in spring or rarely during the season, sunflower give yields 23,79-59,48 bushels per acre (or 0,8-2,0 t/ha) - sunflower oil yield 357 - 981 pounds/acre (or 0,4-1,0 t/ha). 

Sunflower one from the most drought tolerant crops. But not time sowing and drought die sunflower plants too... Sunflower plant died during flowering from drought due to late sowing and not give yield. This photo show that yield of sunflower depends from many factors... Photo © Dr. Oleksii Orlov 

In conditions of sufficient or medium moisture - a good farmers gets a sunflower yield of 89,22-104,09 bushels per acre (or 3,0-3,5 t/ha) - sunflower oil yield 1338 - 1717 pounds/acre (or 1,5-1,9 t/ha).

In the photo that made in time of field tour present sunflower head estimation for understanding of sunflower yield potential. Photo © Dr. Oleksii Orlov 

By irrigation, the typical sunflower yield can be 118,96-148,70 bushels per acre (or 4,0-5,0 t/ha)- sunflower oil yield 1784 - 2454 pounds/acre (or 2,0-2,8 t/ha).

According to our data from Agricultural Consulting practice, the record yield without irrigation on black soils and sufficient rainfall (in favorable years) is 148,70-169,51 bushels per acre (or 5,0-5,7 t/ha) - sunflower oil yield 357 - 981 pounds/acre (or 0,4-1,0 t/ha) - sunflower oil yield 2231 - 2797 pounds/acre (or 2,5-3,1 t/ha)!

A World Record of sunflower yield without irrigation - 6,21 t/ha (184,68 bushels per acre)

This record sunflower yield was obtained in 2016 in the Kabardino - Balkarian Republic by farmer V. Aramisov (seed moisture during harvesting was 5,8-6,9%, oil content - 52-53%. 61 thousand seeds were sown per hectare, 55-57 thousand plants/hectare stood for harvesting)!

Sunflower plants in the field are investments of big money, and in order not to lose this money, you need to ensure that everything is normal, that everything is done correctly and that the investment is well. For this, independent professional monitoring and supervision are needed. In the photo - sunflower field with high yield potential!

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 Photo © Dr. Oleksii Orlov 

What main factors that affected to sunflower yield?

The main factors affecting the sunflower yield:

  • climate and place of sowing / planting
  • availability of irrigation
  • fertilization, agricultural chemistry and protection against pests, weeds and diseases
  • compliance of growing technology
  • compliance of the terms of all works
  • sowing with quality seeds
  • correct selection of sunflower varieties
  • other important factors and their interactions...

In order to get a high yield of sunflower in your conditions, you should select those varieties and right technology that will give the highest yield in your conditions.

The fact is that in the same field, different varieties of sunflower will give different yields. And the difference between good and bad varieties for your conditions can be up to 40-50% of the yield (usually 15-30%).

This is due to genetic differences between different varieties, as well as the quality of the seeds. Seeds must be of one size and fraction and have of good germination.

Also, the same variety can give different yields in different years and with different care. In one year, one variety may show the highest yield, in another year, another variety may give the highest yield.

The determining factor for the choice is the average yield of a particular variety, on average over three years.

New, higher yielding and more profitable sunflower varieties also regularly appear that need to be tested.

Therefore, several different varieties with different levels of early maturity should be sown.

Also need understand that sunflower is a crop that greatly reduces yield in case of thickening of the sowing and uneven distribution of seeds in the row.

In the photo - independent audits and monitoring of sunflower fields allow to determine the real situation, i.e., you can identify what is in reality - it is possible to effective monitor of situation with your investments, and business.
Photo © Dr. Oleksii Orlov 

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