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What is modern Aquaculture?

What is modern Aquaculture? What innovations are used in "blue revolution" time? What are the main directions for the development of modern Aquaculture?

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Indoor farming revolution! Farms of Future already now!

What is indoor farming? And how it works? What products possible produce indoor?


Why are many large agricultural companies in the World not making a profit?

There are very large agricultural companies that cultivate the soil and grow field crops on an area of more than 100 thousand to 1 million hectares in one country alone. There are international companies operating in different countries up to 5 - 8 million hectares of land. But why are many of them ineffective and losing money?


What is Agriculture Consulting?

What is agribusiness consulting? What problems does agricultural consulting help to solve? What is it like and what is it for?


What is the sunflower yield?

Sunflower yield per acre and hectare. What is typical sunflower yield in good conditions and what is record sunflower yield?


How to sow Sunflower?

Seeding rate, plants density per hectare / acre, sowing (planting) unit of sunflower and sunflower spacing for optimal yield.


Climate change and Precision Agriculture

Climate change has already affected every farmer on the Planet. The losses of farmers and food producers from drought and hurricanes are increasing every year.

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Crops management - How to prepare agribusiness for global climate change?

The need for proper management of agricultural business in the context of climate change.

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Global trends in sunflower farming

What's new in sunflower growing? In this publication, we will consider the main trends and prospects in the production of this crop.

High flying Birds

Self-propelled sprayers with high clearance. Sprayers review and agronomic estimation. What's sprayer is the best for the farmer?

Fertilizers spreading by frozen soil...?

Modern science and economics says - definitely NO!

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