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30 june 2021

Globe Artichoke Farm advising

Advising for pests management and fertilizers and agrochemistry plan creation.

28 june 2021

Green Vegetables Farm Audit and Recommendations for Business Improvement

Advising of Green Vegetables Farm and greenhouse construction consulting. Recommendations for pests control. Monitoring conditions and prepare recommendations for success and development.

14-22 june 2021

Fields and Horticulture Monitoring, Turkey

Monitoring of plantations in Turkey.

9 june 2021

Yield per hectare of olive plantations in World

Investigation of olive plantation yield from hectare / acre.

9 june 2021

Analysis of main mistakes in large-scale agricultural Business Management

There are very large agricultural companies that cultivate the soil and grow field crops on an area of more than 100 thousand to 1 million hectares in one country alone. There are international companies operating in different countries up to 5 - 8 million hectares of land. But why are many of them ineffective and losing money?

5 june 2021

Wheat growing recommendations

Our latest consultation and agronomy advice for wheat farmer.

31 may 2021

Herbicides toxicity for sunflower germination 

Strong after-action and toxicity of herbicide observed at sunflower field. Our advising for farmer that growing sunflower.

28 may 2021

Olive Plantation Recommendations for Improvement of Business

Complex Recommendations for farming improvement, olive cultivation and farm management.

25 may 2021

Tobacco Farm Audit and Recommendations for Business Improvement

Visit to tobacco Farm an greenhouse. Monitoring conditions for success in tobacco production.

24 may 2021

Pumpkin growing agronomy advice

Consultation about the use of post-emergence herbicides for a pumpkin field.

19 may 2021

Corn and triticale advising for not typical cold and flooding conditions

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18 may 2021

Wheat fertilizing and protection recommendation in not typical cold and herbicide after-action condition

Monitoring the condition of wheat field, plants, assessing the soil and calculating the correct rate and correct fertilization methods for wheat, taking into account the planned yield.

10 may 2021

Olive Plantation Technical Audit

Full technical audit of Olive Plantation in Georgia.

5 may 2021

Berries and Orchard Farming. Training of Farm Manager 

Training of Farm Manager about agronomy and modern technologies for production of: strawberry, raspberry, cherry, sea buckthorn.

25 april 2021

Olive Plantation Audit of machines and technologies

Audit of machines and technologies for the care of olive plantation.

15 april 2021

Large Aquaculture farm. Advising for business improvement

Recommendations for obtaining of additional profit and business improvement.

12 april 2021

Large Aquaculture farm. Consulting for introduction of new fields for agriculture

Recommendations for the control of difficult weeds and Common Reed, clearing and introduction of new fields for agriculture.

10 april 2021

Olive Plantations. Audit of soil preparation and planting of olive trees

Analysis of soil preparation, planting of olive trees. Recommendations for the creation of new plantations.

15 march 2021

Large Aquaculture farm. Technical audit of the business

Large 2000 ha fish and crayfish farm technical audit of the business

23 february 2021

Sunflower yield per acre in Illinois, USA

What is possible average organic sunflower yield per acre in Illinois conditions and what is a yield potential?

20 february 2021

Olive Plantations. Audit of local soil and climatic conditions for olives

Audit of local, soil and climatic conditions for creation of olive plantations in Georgia.

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