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What is Indoor Farming?

What is indoor farming? 

Indoor Farming is production of food without sunlight and soil in regulated conditions.

By this way it possible produce not only plants, and also: mushrooms, poultry, fish, shrimps, sometimes animals, as well as other organisms useful to humans.

Sometimes to indoor farming add greenhouses production.

Indoor farming is more stable productions in compare with fields as all life factors may be under human regulation and controlled: air, light, heat, water, CO2, nutrition, pests and diseases, technologies, harvesting, and wastes!

Indoor farming has been exist for a long time. Scientists have always done such experiments and got very good yields indoor. But profit from growing indoor plants was not given by very high energy costs for lighting. It was only thanks to the invention of special LED lighting that it became possible to reduce energy costs and get an acceptable profit from indoor farming. Also, the price of fresh food in big cities has increased significantly in recent years, which has also made it possible to receive profits from indoor farming and urban vertical farms! In the photo - Philips LED grow lights for horticulture.
Photo source Signify

For indoor farm in possible using industrial buildings that sunlight absent. Present many types of indoor farms:

  • Growing Boxes Indoor Farm that possible using at home
  • Container Indoor Farm
  • Small Indoor Farm - less than 1000 m2
  • Indoor Plant factories - with an area of 500 to 3000 m2
  • Large automated Indoor Plant Factories

Many city farmers growing salad or green crops or micro-green indoor. In the photo - Philips LED grow lights for salad indoor production.
Photo source Signify

Next one popular plant for indoor farming... Cannabis that used for medicine is one from possible and popular plants for indoor farming but for industrial producing it need licence from State  

Indoor vertical farming in container. Ready-to-use containers with an area of 20 to 30 m2 are easy to start and have a quick costs turnover. 
Photo source Philips 

Small indoor farm production - less than 1000 m2. Even small farm production can be cost-effective and can be placed in a building or warehouse for small-scale production of food. Compared to other options, it requires only an average level of investment and is relatively easy to start. In photo commercial vertical farm for green crops production.
Photo source Philips 

Indoor Plant factories - such climate rooms can be designed for small and average production. They can be used as part of the growing and production process, for example, propagating young plants or studying the effects of light to crops. With an area of 500 to 3000 m2, a closed cultivation chamber can be placed in existing buildings and premises. Irrigation and climate control are semi-automatic, and light scenarios can be controlled by sensors. 
Photo source Philips 

Growing indoor agricultural products allows you to better control environmental conditions and produce environmentally friendly food, so you do not need to use pesticides and aggressive agrochemicals to grow crops!

Large automated indoor plant factories are large-scale production methods that are suitable for production in an controlled indoor environment with an area of more than 2000 m2. The equipment is high-tech and automated, the shelving for growing can be serviced by robots. Such farms also have fully automated irrigation and fertigation, climate control and production line logistics. Sensors and data analysis systems are used to effectively manage the entire system!
Photo source Philips 

How to create an indoor farm? 

For example, you may to buy land or an industrial building and build on its basis a modern indoor farm that will produce quality products. Or, for example, create an ultramodern city farm ... Present many types of indoor farming business.

You can work in the following areas of indoor farming:

  • growing plants
  • growing microorganisms
  • mushrooms cultivation
  • poultry farming
  • rabbits breeding
  • aquaculture & fish farming (RAS)
  • mollusks farming
  • shrimp farming
  • aquaponics
  • other promising areas ...

Indoor farming it is not only plants - at indoor conditions produce poultry. In photo chicken at modern farm in Hungary. Most of modern chicken farms it is indoor farming. Photo © Dr. Oleksii Orlov 

The concept of indoor farming business is not new, but the industry is just beginning to appear and actively develop in those countries where people want to receive local, healthy and fresh food.

How produce food in vertical farm. Aerofarms, New Jersey, USA
Video source CBS This Morning

Modern mushrooms farming it is indoor farming too! As for mushrooms growing not need sunlight!

Indoor fish farming or RAS aquaculture. In this photo - producing of fish in full controlled conditions indoor, KINGFISH Farm, the Netherlands
Photo source KINGFISH 

Modern indoor fish farming. Dutch Yellowtail (Hiramasa/Kingfish) sets a new standard of uncompromising quality and sustainability: land raised in the Netherlands without antibiotics or vaccines, and operating on 100% renewable energy. Packed and processed fresh or sashimi grade frozen on day of harvest, and delivered across Europe in 24-48 hours.

Video source KINGFISH

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