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Our audit service give possibility create stable and profitable business!

At this photo our orchard and horticulture Project in Central Asia

Quality Due Diligence it is the key to business and investments success!

Review and Due Diligence of Project - Analysis and assessment of the reliability of Project

Thanks to an independent analysis of projects, we make it possible to reduce risks at various stages of the project!

You can benefit from our extensive experience and knowledge in the field of food production and agricultural business. Also, our reputation as a reliable and independent source of information and advice guarantees you additional competitive advantages that you can use in case of cooperation with us!

Services of analysis and assessment of the reliability of the project.

For each stage of the project, we provide the appropriate services :

  • Analysis, estimation and assessment of the reliability of project
  • Reviewing business plans and technical audit results
  • Technical audit of project conditions
  • Overview of development plans in the Agrarian sector and food production
  • Assessment of agricultural areas and natural conditions including soil condition and quality, availability of water and other important factors
  • Checking the compliance of the work with the business plan and project implementation schedule
  • Checking the level of quality of work, services provided by contractors, purchased materials and resources
  • Overview of the scope of work, quality of work and costs of their implementation
  • Expert review and report writing
  • Other types of checks and review...

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Technical Audit


A technical audit is not only brings a good additional profit to investors, owners and top management, but also gives many other useful advantages!

Due Diligence it is the procedure for drawing up an objective view of the investment object (holding company, group of enterprises, farm or others), which includes an assessment of investment risks, an independent evaluation of investment objects, a comprehensive study of the company's activities, a comprehensive check of its condition and position on the market, as well as development prospects.

Due Diligence is usually held before the start: new project or improvement old project, the purchase of business, investment, financing, the implementation of a merger transaction, the signing of a contract or cooperation with this company and many others!

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Our service give possibility create stable and profitable business!

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