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Project Management for large Agricultural Holding Company

2006 - 2013

Project Management. Creation of a profitable agrarian holding company from the "zero" - from 3000 hectares to 175 thousand hectares

Large-scale Agricultural business support


Big Agricultural Company, Kyiv. Management of business and development of projects for $470 million. Technical audit of Agricultural Companies purchased. Business plans (crops growing, storage and elevators, oil extraction plant, industrial pig production, greenhouses, dairy farming, seed production, processing of milk and meat). Technical support

Technical audit of Big Agricultural Company


Big Agricultural Company, Donetsk region (crops growing, livestock, processing). Technical audit

Testing of agricultural machinery Project


Big Agricultural Company, Kiev. Project of testing of agricultural machinery

Consulting and Management of Project


Big Agricultural Company, Dnepr (crops growing, animal husbandry). Technical audit. Technological support for crop production and animal husbandry and after it

Full technical audit of farming business


Agricultural Company, Dnepr 6000 ha (crops growing, cattle, pigs). Full technical audit

Agricultural Consulting Service


Agricultural Company Consulting, Dnepr (crops growing, dairy cattle)

Technical audit of the holding company


Agricultural holding company, Kiev. Technical audit (crops growing, fodder production, dairy cattle, green energy electricity power station)

Technical Audit of large-scale milk farming


Agricultural holding company and Ukraine’s largest industrial milk farm and power plant, Chernihiv region. Full technical audit of business and investment projects, dairy farming, feed production, crop production, energy production, ecology, energy efficiency, grain storage and development

Technical audit


Big Agricultural Company, Vinnitsa region (crops growing, processing, dairy farming). Technical audit

Technical audit of Agriculture


American-Danish Agricultural holding company Kiev, Cherkassy region (crops growing, compound feed plant, processing, meat cattle). Technical audit

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